Label – The Next Generation of Clothing.

Label – The Next Generation of Clothing.


It’s an ever-changing medium through which artists sell their masterpieces to be worn by thousands of people across the world. You’d never think that charity and fashion could really work hand-in-hand, but Label is our revolutionary idea that changes the game. We’ve found a way to provide you, the consumer, with the next generation of clothing that you want while instilling our charitable benefit into our business model.

Label is a UK based, next generation fashion brand that focusses on providing ethically-produced, quality products. In everything we do from the factory to your doorstep, we prioritise having a positive impact on society. We do this through our three promises, which I will now discuss:

141. Our biggest promise and selling point is our 141 system, whereby for every product that you purchase from Label, we promise to donate another product free to an underprivileged young person across the world. Whether its supporting a young child without basic necessities to live in the slums of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a homeless teenager in the streets of London or an orphan in Vanni, in the north of Sri Lanka due to the disastrous impacts of the 29-year Sri Lankan civil war, every product you buy will support someone in need. Not only will you get the fulfilment that you made surviving another day a little easier for a soul somewhere out there, but we’ll also show you the impact you’ve had through our 141 page on our website.

Label is a not for profit organization. What this means is that any money that we make on your sale, after covering our costs, will either be directly reinvested into designing and producing our range or we’ll donate them to our parent organisation – the international charity, The Youth Project. This means that all our salesmen, designers and any other individual directly working for Label are volunteering their services to the organisation and make no money from their involvement. Having this extra money allows us to reinvest into a larger range of products and marketing to a larger target audience, because when you’re making money for charity, the more the merrier!

Our ethical production process. Now it would be completely hypocritical for us to be trying to help underprivileged youth in one corner of the world if we were to be exploiting them in another corner. So, for our final promise, we promise that we have handpicked our producers so that firstly, all of our products are made organically, without the use of any additional chemicals, and secondly, we pledge a fair, living wage to the company in India that produces our lines. So, not only can we support underprivileged through our 141 system, but by paying the fair wages of the producers, we can support so many more families struggling to survive in a rapidly developing Indian economy.

I certainly hope reading about our idea has excited you to see our new lines and products. For the mean time, we’re still in the production stage and have hundreds of ideas flowing, but we will not be launching for a few weeks as we want to present you with only our finest range. What we hope you will do is that you follow our social media pages, so that you’ll be the first to hear when we open our products for pre-order in the next few weeks.


We look forward to being your personal, ethical and trusted stylist in the years to come!

Eashan Thakrar
[email protected]
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