Project Space-Shot

About This Project

Project Space-Shot is a team of students from schools across the East Bay Area working to send the first student-built liquid-fueled rocket into space. From the choice of 100% renewable propellants to the cutting-edge carbon-composite engine, EUREKA-1 is designed to be simple, inexpensive, safe, and environmentally benign. EUREKA-1 will use the world’s first liquid-fueled engine made of CFOAM-30, a carbonaceous foam that is 70% lighter, 90% cheaper, and can survive 4x higher temperatures than metal.

Project Space-Shot hopes to prove to the world that space belongs to students just as much as it belongs to large corporations and governments. If successful, it would set the precedent for countless more student ventures into space. If you are from the East Bay Area and would like to get involved, please use our get involved form and select Project Space-Shot.

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