Mumbai Mentoring Scheme

About This Project

The Mumbai Mentoring Scheme is one of a new series of projects through which TYPUK connect to the team in India. The project will be run by the TYP team in India and the UK in partnership with the Dharavi Diary initiative. The scheme brings passionate young people (primarily students) from the UK together with children from the Dharavi slums in Mumbai who are keen to develop their skills in whatever discipline they would like to study. Through an online platform our student volunteers in the UK mentor specific children with interests tailored to their skill-set. This involves teaching them things through video chat, sending through worksheets and notes to help them develop their skills and giving them advice whenever necessary. The skills include but are not limited to economics, mathematics, english, computing, woodwork, dance and sport. Currently the scheme is in a pilot test with limited volunteers in order to sort out logistics of the online platform connection however if you would like to get involved as a student volunteer or would like to find out anymore information about the project please contact Aadil at [email protected].

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