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About This Project

Café Info was the first project set up by TYP France. It consists of a series of regular events held at a cafe where young people get together to inform themselves on a particular topic that is not necessarily discussed (or is discussed with a large political bias) in the media. At each event a new topic is chosen and a guest speaker with expertise on the subject is invited in to talk. After listening to the speaker, young people ask questions and discuss the topic in more detail.

The idea behind Café Info is to get young people thinking more carefully about what’s going on around the world and what they hear on the news. It’s also an opportunity to listen to a side of the topic that they have perhaps never considered and through attending these events regularly to think about biases that influence them when understanding any social or political situation.

Café Info is a very friendly and open environment, rather than a space for people to formally debate. This is partly why the team have chosen to host the events in a cafe – young people can come to simply meet up to have a drink with friends and end up learning about a variety of different topics from an unbiased viewpoint in the process.

The events are hosted by our team in Paris who are eager for new participants and volunteers. If you are interested in staying up to date with their events, follow their Facebook page at:

If you would like to get involved in the Café Info project or anything else organised by TYP France, fill in the “Contact Us” form of our website or contact Martin directly at [email protected]


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