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Young people are immature. Young people don’t know what they’re talking about. Young people are violent and public disturbance. Why should anyone listen to the youth?

Being a young person, when people say these things I find it laughable. The youth are the strongest body, the strongest group in society. When a young person truly wants to make change, it happens. Our genuine intentions, creativity and unstoppable drive is what allows us to make such a huge impact on the world, but if our voices are consistently shunned and silenced, we feel as if we do not have the ability to make a change.

This is where I wish to prove the youth critics wrong. TYPE Magazine is, I believe, the perfect platform to change this. To begin making change, we must have our voices heard, and we must make people listen. If we write about pressing issues in the world, and prove to everyone that we can solve major problems, prove to everyone that we do understand what is going on and prove to everyone that we can make an impact, then nobody will be able to stop us from changing the world.

Our idea for the magazine at the moment is to have a monthly theme which young people will voice their opinions about. This will be the main section of the magazine, working towards starting a movement of youth who begin to affect these issues. There will also be sections for us to write freely on topics we are passionate about and that we believe need some more attention. It is open to any young person to write.

The way we aim to get our voices out there include the incorporation of a chat show, where we discuss pressing issues with celebrities (we have already done a couple with Janet Devlin and Amy Willerton). This will give the magazine extra publicity and give it more attention.

We aim to be the stage where we can make our voices heard, the platform for us to be able to stand up and make our mark, the arena where we can prove to the world that we can make a change.

If you are interested in getting involved in the magazine, please email [email protected] with why you want to. (200 words max.)

Eashan Thakrar
[email protected]
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