Hello Homeless

About This Project

The Hello Homeless Campaign aims to increase the public’s involvement with the homeless through more contributory channels. Developing from the previous Homeless Drives, the new initiative aims to promote such involvement through the use of an app where the public and those who pass by people who are struggling (are homeless/in an unfortunate circumstances) can purchase food and drinks/link up with local homeless charities such as Shelter as opposed to the usual conventional procedure of just providing money (as seen in previous homeless drives, we’ve learnt how money isn’t the best form of support for homeless people, especially those involved in human trafficking). We hope this helps to reduce the issue of the ignorance of homeless people by the public ever so slightly (Disregarding ethical issues).

The Hello Homeless Campaign will also have a specific focus on people acknowledging the presence of the homeless. We are planning on having an awareness raising campaign through public figures and platforms to try and get people to simply say hello to homeless people as they walk past them. This way their day will be a bit brighter as they wont feel ignored or neglected.

Our regular homeless drives will also feed into this. We have run homeless drives around the world and hundreds of people have attended. The homeless drive concept is where young people come together to distribute resource packs to the homeless. You can find out more about our past and future homeless drives through our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/typfoundation/

If you would like to get involved in the campaign or find out more information about our regular drives please email Dylan at [email protected].

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