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About This Project

In India, we aim to improve the lifestyles of people (particularly young people) who live in poor conditions in the slums. We look to bring together the community and provide them with opportunities to access education, sports, food & drink, medical care and social space. Our first step has been The Sports Project.

On a trip to India in 2014, our founder Eashan discovered a group of children in the slums playing football barefoot with a drink’s can. This was a very important moment as it marked the start of one of The Youth Project’s first projects. We realised how much we take for granted, even the simple things like the ability to play football and even footwear. For this reason we started The Sports Project in Ahmedabad in partnership with Manav Sadhna, where we provide not only footballs and appropriate footwear for anyone who wants to play football but also an official set of teams to represent as well as tournaments to play in and the ability to face other national and perhaps one day international teams for those who are enthusiastic about and committed to the sport. This has also improved the players’ health and fitness and given them something to look forward to in their day.

To take this all a step further in September 2014 we built an all-weather Sports Pitch in Ahmedabad for not only football but for other sports including cricket and badminton amongst others. Now even more children interested in a variety of sports have the opportunity to practise and enjoy themselves. Eventually, we intend to develop this into a full sports centre with even more facilities. We are looking to continue the project and build more pitches in other cities in India, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Brazil and many more counties worldwide as our charity develops.


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